Controlled-release vaginal vitamin C tablets for relief of non-specific vaginitis/bacterial vaginosis symptoms

Available with or without a prescription at the pharmacist's counter!

How to reduce the risk of non-specific vaginitis/bacterial vaginosis

  • Avoid vaginal douches, as they can upset the balance of vaginal bacteria and potentially flush harmful bacteria into the upper genital tract
  • Avoid using vaginal deodorants, scented soaps and perfumed bubble baths
  • Limit your number of sexual partners and always use latex condoms with new or multiple partners

Recurrent non-specific vaginitis/bacterial vaginosis

Recurrent non-specific vaginitis/bacterial vaginosis is when you experience several episodes per year.

Up to 30% of women treated for non-specific vaginitis/bacterial vaginosis see their symptoms return within three months after treatment.

Up to 50% of women treated see their symptoms return within 12 months of treatment.

Various factors may cause recurrences, including:

  • Harmful bacteria has not been eliminated
  • Reinfection is caused by bacteria from an external source
  • Risk factors remain present (e.g. IUD, douching)
  • Recolonization of protective lactobacilli has not occurred

How to prevent a recurrence of non-specific vaginitis/bacterial vaginosis

  • Do not stop prescribed antibiotic treatment, even if signs of infection disappear
  • Avoid vaginal douches
  • Limit your number of sexual partners and use condom

Prevegyne® is a natural health product (NPN 80038565) that helps reduce/relieve the symptoms of non-specific vaginitis/bacterial vaginosis.


Simple and effective

Available without a prescription



Six-day treatment to reduce/relieve the symptoms of non-specific vaginitis/bacterial vaginosis and eliminate unpleasant odour

Simple and effective

Easy and effective use that restores the balance of vaginal flora and normal vaginal pH levels in just a few days

Available without a prescription

Available with or without a prescription behind the counter at your pharmacy

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